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Corporate law

    • Legal support of founding the subsidiary of Avgust company - Russian leader of plant protection chemicals market
    • Elaboration and conducting the ownership restructuring procedure of Minsk retail store
    • Founding and further legal support of subsidiary structures of Austrian company that supplies energy equipment in Belarus
    • Founding and further legal support of subsidiary of the largest Russian transport-expeditionary company
    • Elaborating and conducting the restructuring procedure of quitting the company-resident of FEZ Vitebsk by foreign investor and proceeding with liquidation of this company
    • Advising on business activity of the subsidiary of the international supplier of professional instrument and fasteners WÜRTH company
    • Legal support of entering by Chinese investors the Belarusian market with innovative payment technologies

M&A Practice

    • Conducting the legal, financial and tax due diligence of a large Belarusian chain of casino on request of Austrian gambling company Novomatic
    • Legal and financial due diligence of the Belarusian company on request of the company - international leader of heating and water supply systems. Elaborating the acquisition procedure and closing the deal
    • Due diligence of a number of social projects under the auspices of Representative office of the UN Development Programm in the Republic of Belarus

Dispute resolution

    • Represent the interests of the representative office of Austrian company in commercial court on issues related to real estate
    • Execution of a decision of the commercial court regarding recovery of debts in favor of the Austrian subdivision of pharmaceutical company Novartis

Investment projects

    • Founding and further legal support in Belarus of several commercial structures of an international leader in the sphere of polymers for construction, motor industry - REHAU concern
    • Legal advice of Austrian investor on constructing project in fuel energy sphere
    • Founding and further legal support of Italian production tanning company Volpi Concerie s.r.l. on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Construction and real estate

    • Legal support of Lithuanian investments in construction of multifunctional complex in Minsk
    • Founding and further legal support of project-engineering company with Estonian investment in the sphere of construction
    • Complex legal and accounting support of representative office of Lithuanian project-constructing company Projestos projektai
    • Elaboration of the constructing scheme within the framework of investment agreement, legal and accounting support of Russian constructing company operating in Belarus

Medicine and pharmaceutics

    • Assistance in entering the Belarusian pharmaceutical market by Valenta Pharmacevtica PLC, Russian Federation , founding the representative office and its legal support
    • Founding of representative office of WM company (UK) and further complex legal advice

Tax consultations and audit

    • Profound legal and tax audit of the subsidiary of the Swiss air-transport company, elaborating and conducting re-stucturing procedure of this subsidiary
    • Legal advice on commercial activity of the British company from oil-and-gas sector
    • Drafting the legal scheme of reducing penalties for tax violations of the partnership with participation of Austrian investment in construction sphere

Minsk, Belarus
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